Kasia Art Studio





                                                              Artist Statement                

 Throughout my life I always have loved creating.  Already in my early years I found joy in transforming that which is ordinary into things that are unique and special, and realized that creating makes me happy.  That was my discovery of art!  Even though my ways of thinking about it have changed tremendously with time, certain things have remained constant: nature with its complex beauty, and the deep and mysterious connection between all elements of the universe. These concepts are often my inspiration.

I think, that art without viewers becomes self-therapy for the creator -  just an interesting occupation. But this approach misses out on the value of art as a mean of moving people. Connecting artist with audience through visual ideas is critical.

We live in a society bombarded with colors and shapes all the time. People are becoming tired and more selective, competition for spectators is enormous! I’m convinced, that contemporary artwork techniques and materials cannot be the same as ones from the past.

In a search for a special artistic language I discovered my own creative technique that combines versatile properties of paper with modern medium - acrylic paints. With rich textures I attempt to create organic patterns, which seem familiar, but leave space for viewer’s imagination.

In my works I use symbolism, but its thread weaves in and out, sometimes closer to the surface and other times deep beneath.  I refrain from explaining it because I want to leave the interpretation of my creations up to the viewer, knowing that each art piece resonates in different ways and on various levels with every person.