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  Kasia Szczesniewski-about “Comeback-from Trash to Art”

Energy unifying everything around us, constant change and the delicate balance of the elements of our world – these ideas lay at the core of all my work.  Among others, these concepts are represented in a series of mix media projects called “Comeback–from Trash to Art”. These works are meant to inspire viewers to think “outside of the box” about how to use Earth’s resources to their fullest potential. In this project I reuse thrown away objects and materials in new and original ways.

        The process for each piece starts with my choice of a certain space.   It could be an office, laboratory, or, like with my first creation, my own art studio. Such environments are places in which a person or people spend many hours of their lives and each location surrounds an individual with things specific to that particular place. Next, I look around for things that would be discarded and collect them. These castaway objects never fail to inspire me. They are like the pieces of a puzzle and it is always exciting to utilize them in creating something new, disregarding their initial purpose or original use. The final step is to return my new artwork to its original space for exposure to the people from which its components came.  I believe that seeing things from a completely different perspective is a mind opening experience as well as being lots of fun. This art resonates with its audience on a personal level.  A waft of fresh air, a spark of energy enters a typically boring work environment.   In the case of an exhibition, photographs documenting the process of taking items from the chosen space and returning them in the form of art would be displayed.

       “Comeback–from Trash to Art” is my way of engaging people in a conversation about the wastefulness  of our culture and creativity in everyday life.